Astrology names – 120 names with astrological and zodiac meanings


Give your child a name that’s out of this world by more baby boy and girl names inspired by the stars, planets, and constellations in the cosmos. Numerous celestial names are available, from those associated with the zodiac (hello, Leo!) to those that would please an astronomer (like Cressida, an inner satellite of Uranus). Names inspired by nature or distant lands are great for babies born a little closer to home. Here we will discuss 120 astrology names of Astrology in this article.

Astrology-Inspired Baby Names to Consider


Calm and mysterious, this moonlight spirit is in sync with their feelings and gut instincts.


This radiant and golden name connotes power, attractiveness, new things and a bright personality.


Named after an element, this person is strong, wise, and in one with the earth.

Astrology-Inspired Baby Names to Consider


This name is indicative of a strong, daring character who is full of creative life and adventure.


This person’s presence is calming, and their knowledge of the world is extensive.


This person’s presence is calming and emotional, and their knowledge of the world is extensive.


This name is soft and elegant, suggesting a caring personality as a mother.


This name conjures up images of a fearless individual with boundless curiosity


This person lives up to their namesake with a refined demeanor and a penchant for poetry.

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This person has the kind of unyielding drive befitting a person with such a powerful and influential name.

River (male)

This name implies a free spirit who can flow with the ever-shifting currents of life.


This mysterious individual exudes allure and displays keen insight.


This name signifies vitality, love, and a hunger for life.


This name is as bright and sunny as the personality it describes


This name exudes the dignity and insight of someone guided by a firm moral compass and profound experience.


This name, with its heavenly names overtones, suggests a kind and magical spirit.


A person with such a unique and uncompromising name must have a bold and exploratory attitude.


This name connotes someone whose spirit is as bright and colorful as its meaning.

Astrology-Inspired Baby Names to Consider


This name has the warmth and groundedness of someone who is deeply linked to their environment.


A name so mystical and wise must have a soul with a profound connection to the spiritual and the intuitive.


This name connotes an angelic spirit who is both caring and healing to everyone around them.

Phoenix (male)

This name conveys the spirit of someone who can persevere in the face of adversity and welcome change.


This name conveys the image of an adventurous and beautiful free spirit.


This mysterious and potent moniker stands for a spirit who has a profound affinity with the life-and-death cycle.


Calm and soothing, this name suggests an inner calm and tranquility.


This name, with its cosmic overtones, connotes a person whose imagination and curiosity know no bounds.


This name conjures up an image of an irresistibly charming and alluring individual.


This name conveys the idea of a person whose personality and character radiate and fascinate others.


This name conveys the essence of someone who is soft like an air sign, full of imagination and daydreams.


This name connotes the calm demeanor and kind nature of a person.


An artistic spirit with a touch of divine inspiration is represented by this name.

Astrology-Inspired Baby Names to Consider


Strong and the spirit represented by this name is one that perseveres through great difficulties.


This is the name of a person whose very being is music.


A soul at peace with the world and the slow current of existence is represented by this calming name.


This name evokes the spirit of a person who is powerful, righteous, and regal.


A name so majestic and mystical must have a personality as dazzling as the stars.


This name connotes an unblemished spirit and a bright personality.


Beautiful and strong, this name represents a person who is unafraid to speak her mind.


This name is full of life and value, suggesting a person who has a strong bond to the natural world and exudes a peaceful vibe.


This name conjures up images of a bold and fearless individual with a penchant for exploration.


This name is evocative of a radiant and priceless spirit, like that of a valuable jewel.

Ren (male)

This name is evocative of a radiant and priceless spirit, like that of a valuable jewel.

Rowan (female)

This name conjures up an image of someone who is rooted in the earth and wise beyond their years.


This name connotes someone who maintains their composure under pressure.

Astrology-Inspired Baby Names to Consider


This name is both holy and wise, suggesting someone who has found enlightenment through contemplation and prayer.


This name is both holy and wise, suggesting someone who has found enlightenment through contemplation and prayer.


This name suggests someone with a ferocious resolve and an iron will.


This name suggests someone who is loyal and trustworthy, someone who will always have your back.


This name conveys the fiery intensity of a person who lives every moment to the fullest.


This name is indicative of an enlightened and intelligent spirit who has a firm grasp on the moral compass of life.


This name suggests someone who is soft and loving at heart.

Hayden (male)

This name represents the embodiment of a strong, resilient spirit that can rise over adversity with dignity.


This name connotes the kind of person that always has a smile on their face and a song in their heart.


This name connotes the kind of person that always has a smile on their face and a song in their heart.


This name connotes a person who is steadfast in their beliefs and has a solid grasp on reality.


This name suggests a person who has a deep affinity with nature and the earth.


This name is the embodiment of the ardent independence and originality of a free-thinking personality.


A peaceful and mysterious spirit is what this name, Moon goddess, conjures up.


This enchanting and like air sign name represents an inner life that is lyrical and beautiful.


This name is indicative of a wise and just individual with keen insight.


This name is the nectar of immortality, representing a spirit that is both heavenly and eternally beautiful.


Divine nectar, this name represents a spirit with a deep devotion to the hereafter.


This name, whose meaning “star,” is fitting for someone whose personality radiates light.


If your name is Altar, you are a spiritual person with a strong bond to the divine.


That you are strong, protective, and caring are all qualities associated with the bear name.

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This beautiful name describes a someone who is quick-witted and clever, and who spreads joy and awe wherever they go.


This name is indicative of a person who is laser-focused on their goals and has the tenacity to see them through.


This name connotes a lighthearted and naughty character, full of fun and mischief.


This name conjures up images of an adventurous spirit who is both forward-thinking and insatiably inquisitive.


This name has a celestial, radiant quality that makes sense of awe and amazement.


Greek mythology inspired the name of one of Jupiter’s moons. Amalthea, the goat, fed Zeus while he was a baby.


This lovely name is perfect for a kid birth date under the sign of Sagittarius. The Latin word for “archer” is “Sagittarius.”


Aries, like Leo, is a fire sign, and its symbol is the ram.


This star is Sagittarius’s third brightest.


Aurora refers to the stunning displays of light that may be seen in high latitudes, such as the North and South Poles, and was named after Aurora, the Roman goddess of the dawn.


Uranus’s moon Bianca is related to the other members of the Portia parents, which also include Cressida, Desdemona, Juliet, Portia, Rosalind, Cupid, Belinda, and Perdita.


The constellation, whose Latin name translates to “chisel,” is located in the southern sky.


Located close to the southern celestial pole, this constellation gets its name from the Latin word for a ship’s keel.


Given that “celestial” also means “heavenly” in English, the Latin word’s meaning is obvious.


The name Cyrus’s Spanish and Italian equivalent, Sol, also carries the same solar connotation.


The word “cosmos,” which means “universe,” inspired its name.


Cressida is another moon orbiting Uranus, just like Bianca.


This is a sun-related Persian name; the Spanish and Italian forms are Ciro.


The name of one of Zeus’s lovers is shared with this Jupiterian satellite.


The name is of solar origin in both Spanish and Italian.


the outer part of the asteroid belt, you’ll find the enormous Eos family.

Astrology-Inspired Baby Names to Consider


Estelle, like Estrella and Stella, is a star-inspired name.


Identifies a moderately sized comet now under Jupiter’s gravitational influence and located in the constellation of Gemini.


This tiny, shadowy moon orbits Uranus in the opposite direction of the other moons and the planet’s rotation, earning it the nickname “retrograde.” This is the ideal situation for a youngster who thinks for themselves.


The sea nymph who looked after Poseidon inspired the name of Neptune’s little moon.


Most well-known comet, Halley proved to scientists that comets might return to earth sign more than once. It takes 76 years to complete one orbit around the sun, therefore, it won’t be back until 2061.


Because of its orbital proximity to Saturn’s moon Dione, this tiny satellite is classified as a Trojan moon.


Another recurrent comet in our solar system, the last time we saw it was in 2008.


Janus, Saturn’s moon, was discovered in 1966.


The once-male name Jupiter is now frequently given to females as well. The Roman god of the sky and thunder, Jupiter, is the biggest planet in our solar system.


The Dutch name Kyler, which is gaining popularity since it sounds like both Kyle and Tyler, means “archer” and is hence an excellent choice for child birth under the sign of Sagittarius.


The Greek nymph after whom this tiny moon was named was found in the region of Neptune’s weak ring system in 1989.


The constellation Leo also has a dwarf galaxy with the same name.


Another name with a connection to the sun sign is Lucian, from the Latin word for light.


The Roman goddess Luna was named after the moon, thus the name. Named after the French word for moon, lune, lunette is a diminutive form of Luna.


The Pleiades open star cluster includes the stars Alcyone, Atlas, and Electra, all of which would make great names for a child.


The planet Mercury has the predetermined moniker “Merc” since it is the nearest to the sun, the smallest, and the quickest planet in our solar system.


This Uranus moon has been explored extensively since its discovery in 1948. Shakespeare’s The Tempest inspired the name, which honors Prospero’s daughter.

The constellation Cassiopeia contains this brilliant star. Virgil Ivan Grissom, a native American astronaut, gave it the name Virgil Ivan Grissom, which is his middle name reversed.


A new star is a rapidly brightening star that has recently exploded.


Sagittarius is home to a star that is even more enormous than our sun.


In Greek mythology, the nymphs of the mountains of Nysa were responsible for raising the deity Dionysus. Both the asteroid and the mountains share the name Nysa.


Another example of the common practice of naming moons after Shakespearean characters may be found in this tiny inner moon of Uranus.


Hunter is also the name of a constellation that represents a hunter, Orion. The Orion spacecraft is likewise a NASA creation.


Pallas is a huge asteroid honoring Pallas Athena, the Greek goddess of knowledge.


The Greek Titaness Artemis was linked to the moon, hence she was an appropriate name for Saturn’s moon.


In 2008, the Phoenix space probe touched down on Mars to evaluate the Red Planet’s watery past.


Rhea, like Phoebe, is one of Saturn’s moons. Dione, Titan, Daphnis, Europa, and Tethys are only some of Saturn’s other moons.

Astrology-Inspired Baby Names to Consider


One of the brightest stars, Rigel is a blue-white supergiant in the constellation Orion.


This gas-giant planet, number six in our solar system, has more than fifty confirmed moons and stunning ring structures.


Stella, like Estelle and Estrella, is a star-themed name.


NASA’s Themis satellite, which was launched in 2007, analyzes Martian soil for mineral content.


Titan is one of Saturn’s full moon, along with Rhea and Phoebe. Titan is the biggest full moon in the solar system and the second-biggest natural satellite overall.


This brilliant star is part of the constellation Lyra and may be seen in the summer sky in the Northern Hemisphere.


Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, inspired the naming of the second planet from the sun sign.

What is the Celestial Name for a Star

“Star” is referred to in the heavenly realms by the name “Aster” or “Astra.” Both names allude to the heavens and are frequently used to describe the dazzling splendor of the night sky and its constellations.

What is the Astrology Name

The astrological signs are as follows: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Astrology-Inspired Baby Names to Consider

What Girl Name Means Fallen Star

Vega. This one refers to one of the brightest and largest stars in the sky by its Latin name, which means “falling star.”

What is the Star Name for Twins

The constellation Gemini may be seen in the northern sky. “The Twins” is the Latin translation of the name. Castor and Pollux (Polydeuces) are the Greek myth represented by this constellation.

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