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Aquarius signs and Leo signs are the most adequate people for being in a relationship with. Together these signs are the most prominent couples of all time. A royal blue vibe is common in leo and aquarius friendship, making people jealous around them. Sometimes judging them for being so cool and touchy when they are together.

Leo and Aquarius have a very well reputation for being open-minded about things in life. They both are attracted to finer and more luxurious things in life. They know how to create a life for themselves.

It is absolute that whenever these two signs are involved in any kind of relationship, they cannot be just friends. These two signs are bound to push each other towards each other, mostly intimate.

The leo and aquarius compatibility can be easily recognized by the nature of their zodiacs, one is bound to burn and one is the only thing that they need to burn. One is fire (Leo) and one is the passion of that fire- Air (Aquarius).

Average leo and aquarius compatibility score:- 4.5/5

The two signs have a lot of differences but there is a deep admiration of those incapable qualities of each other which bonds them and also drives them toward each other.

The reasons which make them fall head over heels are mostly very passionate and intellectual reasons. The leo and aquarius compatibility can be easily understood by these features of their relationship.

Why is aquarius attracted to leo

The leo and aquarius friendship is the most common combination of friendship that we see, especially in our young life. The reason they both bond so much is generally their need to know or explore the different aspects of a personality that they have.

Why is aquarius attracted to leo

Mostly reasons which pull them towards each other are quite obvious and exemplary at the same time. The reason why aquarius is attracted to leo are:

Opposites attraction

The reason leo and aquarius are so compatible with each other is because of the theory ‘Opposites attract’ proposed by Robert Francis Winch.

As the wind only knows to flow and pass, the fire needs to take some and resist, and even more burn when consumed appropriately. Like the flames heightens up when we fan it, Aquarius fuels the greed of Leo for touch and sensual attachment when in contact. Leo wishes to live without any attachments or strings but Aquarius has a way of being into it.

Like the general behavior of Leo, they tend to show off more and execute more, even more than what they actually think. But on the contrary, Aquarius is all about only two. As much as Leo speaks, Aquarius grabs; as much as Leo includes, Aquarius always protects.

They both have a similar behavior of not questioning their own self, and they are both very self-absorbed in their lives, they both want to feel those aspects that they never explored.

Leo also wants some rest and Aquarius also wants to be out more, they both are unable to achieve this objective often but when they find a way to explore this part of themselves and chance to enjoy this bliss, they get attracted to each other.

They both are opposite to each other, and they both push each other into their unknown territory which makes their relationship more taboo and passionate.

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When considering leo and aquarius friendship, it is such a blessing for both of them as they find everything they need and everything that they want to learn in each other. They find a great tension and pull in their bond that they carry in front of all which looks no less than love. They both possess youthful energy whenever together and as Leo seems to drive the couple towards tasks, Aquarius operates the sophistication and mannerism in it.

Both leo and aquarius have differences and this leads them to become much closer in understanding each other because of every new thing that they keep on discovering about their partner. Their brain functions differently, they aspire for different things, and they both have very different love language. But they still find a home in the other due to their never-ending passion.

Sexual compatibility

The compatibility of leo and aquarius on the bed is not very surprising as they both are passion driven and clumsy when intimate. Even if the two are just friends, they always find ways to touch or be around each other.

Sexual compatibility

Aquarius is very compatible with Leo as they tend to be very submissive in bed and may end up giving in pleasure through that.

The emotional state of the two signs plays a major role in this aspect as they always find a way to be intimate when hurt. Both of the signs need emotional support to prosper and many of them overcome this problem by responding heavily to it.


It is very normal for a leo or even aquarius to channel their anger or creativity into sex. They both are very stubborn, and they do carry their issues to bed which can make their night much more intense and steamy.

It is very common to see both of them being involved in intimate connections quickly even as friends because of their ability to fulfill each other’s emotional needs and demands.

We know why aquarius is attracted to leo and also the friendship bond they share, leos have a very special interest in other people, and also their deepest desire is to make others realize leo(their own’s) superiority which makes them sometimes do very erotic stuff in public places. To make people realize leo is no less than anything.

Being the Aquarius soulmate sign, leo can easily fulfill each other desires and can comprehend to help the other in making comfortable in bed. On the other hand, Aquarius always helps leo in realizing the real meaning of life and deeper aspects of spirituality and religion, as leos are often found stuck in material things and are very pretentious in everything.

With the fire and air sign as a compatible couple, their pair intensifies their chemistry and makes them more flirtatious towards each other. The fire and air when get involved together things become more erotic and intense especially when one of the two surrenders to the mercy of the other.

Love compatibility

The most common aquarius soulmate sign is leo and there is no doubt about the compatibility that they share in public and even in private. It is very easy for a Leo to fall head over heels for an Aquarius no matter what gender, Leo always craves a personality like Aquarius.

The leo and aquarius friendship generally turns out to be the most famous love story of the class because they both possess highly valued qualities and the zealous nature of Leo makes it very passionate and clumsy which is exactly what Aquarius desires the most.

The most common love at-first-sight incidents are seen among these two signs, Aquarius and Leo. Leo and Aquarius both are very highly valued people but still, they fall in love in the foresight of each other.


Majorly the love in this relationship is fueled by respect and loyalty as the foremost priority for a Leo and, space and individuality is the need of an Aquarius to pursue their love. This relationship teaches each other independency and interdependency in love which makes their love very healing.

The important part of Aquarius is to become assured in relationships, about loyalty and family, and Leo does this job so well by showing it off to others with pride. Leo is the most active doer among the two and Aquarius is the thinker, which puts Aquarius in anxious situations but those situations do not last in front of Leo as they are very self-confident people.

The best love stories are created by these zodiac signs as they both are extroverts and conserved at the same time. Leo also does not like to share personal things like Aquarius which helps them in maintaining a healthy and long-term relationship with each other.

Both signs complement each other and also charm each other by showing off their excess pride and freedom, which is indirectly the same thing. Aquarius and Leo personally do not need any other person to make their decisions individually and together they can make their best decisions.

Destined for each other

Aquarius and Leo are both a match made in heaven. They both possess the same demands and the same needs from their partner. Leo and Aquarius share most values in common and sometimes they end up matching their life paths which helps them move forward in their relationship quickly.

Luck percentage of leo and aquarius compatibility:- 90%

The most common aquarius soulmate sign is leo and there is no doubt about the compatibility that they share in public and even in private. Leo and Aquarius are always there to solve the problems of them who they admire and both of the signs struggle a lot in life which drives them more toward each other.

Leo and Aquarius are both fixed signs and when they come together, it is not unlikely for problems to come around. But being responsible individuals and pursuers of independence, Leo and Aquarius also have a tinch sense of detachment from their partners.

Leo rarely forces Aquarius for something or Aquarius forces Leo about their choice. They both as passionate beings focus on the things they have a common interest in and due to this, there is always a force that pushes them ahead in life rather than being stuck in some dissimilarities.

The chemistry of these two signs can be seen everywhere they go even when they are not in a relationship. They will never resist each other under normal circumstances and will be very easygoing and light-hearted together.

We know who is aquarius soulmate, but why is aquarius attracted to leo? What is the main reason for such a strong leo and aquarius friendship?

It is their mental compatibility and attraction through executions that puts them in the same environment often.

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Mental Compatibility

Intellectual attraction

Who is the most compatible sign with aquarius? ‘who is aquarius soulmate?’ What is aquarius soulmate sign? Those are fire signs as they have the same intellectual compatibility. As we know the ability of these two signs to make friends with each other, they share some common attitudes towards friends which they both find intriguing about the other.

Both the partners are very good friends and Leo and aquarius are so compatible together that they can even understand each other’s concerns about any situation, as they both can make themselves stand in others’ shoes.


Leo being a super active person can easily charm Aquarius while Aquarius’s wisdom and stability are very much appreciated by Leo. They both share very common visions and goals but may have dissimilarities in the ways of achieving them.

Leo and Aquarius are very intrigued and attracted to each other’s spirits that they seem like a friend to their partner even after being married for 20 years. Their spark of joy never fades with time.

Mental Compatibility

The important part of the relationship is trust and leo and aquarius have such compatibility that they can read each other’s minds. They can also feel ultra-instincts about each other before any tragedy which makes their relationship very divine, sacred, and loving.

They both share the same jokes and love to laugh in public which makes them a very successful couple among others.

Often similar IQ

The ability to comprehend and understand things are often similar for both of the signs. As an aquarius soulmate sign, Leo finds it easy to match the IQs with Aquarius which is very intriguing for an Aquarius.

They both share similar jokes and sarcasm which makes their love lives better than others. They both love to watch similar movies, and they both even understand the same meaning of things, though there might be dissimilarities and differences in thoughts but the ability to execute will always be the same for both of them when working as a team.

Like fire only knows to burn, air also only knows to flow and pass. And due to this, they both share the same values and understandings of life.

Tips to charm your lover

As an Aquarius can easily charm a Leo. You just have to be yourself and play your best character as your characteristics. Individuality and independence in love are exactly what a Leo will be looking for. Playing someone else might take away the interest of the pretentious Leo.

An Aquarius can easily impress a Leo:-

  • Respect them, they have a loud nonverbal scream which always asks for respect, even when they are in bed with you.
  • Make them feel attractive, this is the way by which they will feel special around you.
  • Focus on your style, Leo is charismatic and has fiery energy, and they easily fall for a stylish person.
  • Carry yourself like a king/queen, this will make them feel much more worthy around you and makes them feel special.
  • (If a Leo woman) Let them make decisions for you and lead your story.
  • Be the first to flirt with them, they are not shy to start, they just need a reason to start a conversation. Be the first in that and gain their respect.
  • Surprise them often, Aquarius loves surprises and also has a love language of gift giving.
  • Talk wisely and strategically, Aquarius can easily be charmed by flattery words but too much flattering may leave a bad impression.

For a Leo, it is easy to impress an Aquarius by giving them the freedom that they may deserve, and also providing them with some responsibilities in the relationship will make them feel responsible too.

Tips to charm your lover

An Aquarius can easily be charmed by a Leo:-

  • Be or prove your independence, they are always looking for freedom even if they have. Let them know you are what they look for.
  • Keep things easygoing and fun. They are very sarcastic sometimes and want others to be light-hearted too in their response.
  • Challenge them, when you challenge them they feel very consumed with you and you can easily charm them by being cool when you win.
  • Play it all cool, and do not be too driven by anger or victory, life advice that an Aquarius always remembers.
  • Love your independence, aquarians fall head over heels for those who love themselves.
  • Prove your loyalty and ethics, Leos are very demanding and need to know what they are getting into.

The pride and prejudice compatibility

Do you remember Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet from the very famous novel pride and prejudice written by Jane Austin?

You will be surprised to know that Leo Aquarius’s relationship is exactly like that. Mr. Darcy as a Leo and Elizabeth Bennet being an Aquarius.

Mr. Darcy was a prideful man but also rich and successful. He was known by all others and also was famous for showing off enough and not caring about others.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Bennet the girl who was demeaning Mr. Darcy was liked by him only because of her spirit of individuality and need for freedom. She was a cool lady with an attitude on her nose.

The bottom line called me to let you know about the dynamic relationship leo and aquarius have with each other. They are a different individual wanting the same thing but differently. But generally end up together even after facing so many challenges.

They both love to fight and make things right and so do Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth did in the story. But they were always intrigued by each other’s personalities from the very start. Their circumstances were not good, but they were meant to be with each other to fulfill the life of the other.

Leo and aquarius follow the same lead and are very compatible to be together for a long-term relationship. The aquarius soulmate sign is leo and for the most part, leo and aquarius compatibility plays a major role in answering the ‘why is aquarius attracted to leo?’


The answer for who is aquarius soulmate is now clear and the reasons which connect the two souls have every interest of the divine. Universe lets the two signs act in such a way to fulfill their destiny.

From the meeting of the two signs to their friendship tales and tragedies, the universe reveals clearly why is aquarius attracted to leo.

It covers every material aspect of the living entity to design the character traits of these individuals as opposite and attractive to both of them.

Leo, who is aquarius soulmate often matches the temperament, thoughtfulness, and needs of aquarius making them realize the power of love and life.

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